If you have feral cats for whom you would like to find a safe home:

  1. Contact us to ensure availability.  Contact us by email at contactus@northtexasbarncats.com to make sure that we have a suitable location to place your cats.  It is not uncommon for there to be a waiting list.
  2. Plan ahead to get the cat spayed/neutered.  There are organizations and vets that provide these services for feral animals.  Call ahead to be sure that they can take them.
  3. Trap the cats.  When you are sure that the vet and NTX-BCs will both be ready to accept your feral cats, use a stray animal trap (e,.g., Havahart-style spring-triggered cage traps) to capture each cat.  Place a towel or blanket over the trap to calm the trapped animal.
  4. Hold the trapped animal in a comfortable area.  Be sure that the animal is not held in the cage trap while in direct sunlight, summer heat, or winter cold while you are waiting to take them to the vet.  A garage or patio is usually best.  You can also keep them in a car no more than a few hours just so long as the temperature is comfortable and there is adequate ventilation.
  5. Spay/neuter the cats and make sure they get their vaccines. Take them to the vet to get their medical care.
  6. Contact us to arrange a time to bring the cats to us.  We'll take care of placing them in their new homes and getting them acclimated.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.