If you would like to become a Barn Cat caregiver:

  1. Contact us.  Contact us by email at contactus@northtexasbarncats.com
  2. Sign the Caregiver Contract.  We will provide you with a Caregiver Contract where you agree to:
    • Replace the loaded equipment should something happen to it
    • Protect the cats from weather and predators while in the kenneling during the acclimation period
    • Not surrender the Barn Cats to any local shelter or animal service without contacting NTXBC first
    • Hold NTXBC harmless from any scratches, bites, or injuries while the cats are in your possession
    • Understand that NTX-BC does not know and cannot provide details about the personalities of the cats
    • NTXBC cannot guarantee that all cats will permanently stay at the new location
  3. Equipment will be provided.  We will provide you with equipment such as kenneling, feeders, waterers, and litter boxes to maintain the cats during an initial two- to -three-week acclimation period.
  4. Acclimate the cats for 2-3 weeks.  Use our equipment to acclimate the cats prior to allowing them to explore the rest of your site.
  5. Allow the cats to roam freely after acclimation
  6. Arrange for the return of the equipment to us

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Once your Barn Cats are roaming freely:

  1. Check feeder/waterer each day and refill as needed or if the water gets dirty.  Also,
    check for ants.
  2. Scoop litter each day but don’t discard.  Instead, sprinkle it around the building to alert vermin that there is a new sheriff in town!  Additional litter will be provided.  Change the litter each week.
  3. Ensure that cages are safe from vehicles, horses, and dogs and have adequate ventilation.
  4. If it gets unusually cold, put plastic sheets over the cages or stack hay around them.  Heat lamps will also work.
  5. Talk to the cats whenever you can and give each a name.
  6. After two weeks, close the barn doors at dusk.  Open the cage doors to allow the cats to find their “special” place inside the barn.  Use bungee cords to keep cage doors open.  However, if your cats are friendly you can release them in the daytime.
  7. Leave cages and hiding boxes set up for four or five more days.
  8. Consider leaving an outdoor light on.  We have been told, by several barn owners that leaving a bright floodlight on at night will deter coyotes.